price list

Oil on Linen                    Charcoal wash on
                                      watercolor paper

         8x10      $250.00               $150.00         
9x12      $275.00                   $ 175.00
12x14    $300.00                   $ 200.00
16x20    $500.00                   $ 250.00
18x20    $550.00                   $ 275.00
20x24    $750.00                   $ 325.00

Additional and custom sizes available on request.

Additional charges for multiple pets on single canvas.

Additional fees may apply for travel if photo session required.

prices subject to change

To photograph your pet : Get down on their level !  Make sure the light is behind you or off to the side at an angle so features are not shaded. Don’t look for the perfect shot just “click away” and let their personality shine through!

I will take more than a hundred shots of my subjects just to make sure I have plenty to choose